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  • Idea for MULTIGAME and real time exchange trading combined with racing to make trading fun and educate general public has been created.
  • Company Foundation
  • Company incorporation
  • Concepts brain storm
  • Core team hiring
  • Pre-production and Prototyping
  • V1 of MULTIGAME game concept
  • Basic core gameplay features
  • Free races
  • Team tournament
  • Pre-production and Prototyping
  • V2 of MULTIGAME game concept
  • Seed investment from core MULTIGAME team
  • MULTIGAME wallet is customised cryptocurrency
  • wallet available on Google Play
  • V3 of MULTIGAME game concept
  • MULTIGAME wallet refinement
  • V3 of MULTIGAME game revamped to Trade Race Manager
  • Build in Polygon network L2 solution NFTs Collectible trading game
  • NFT team added
  • Manager and owner mode for big rewards
  • Private round of MULTIGAME Token commit - Successful funds raise with GBV capital, Titans Ventures, Inclusion capital, AU21 capital and others
  • Public round of MULTIGAME Token commit - Successful launch on Paid Ignition and DaoMaker - Sold within few hours even with high blockchain fees
  • Trade race manager is gaining huge popularity and becoming Nr. 1 NFT game by dapp.com - More than 20 000 players joined!
  • MULTIGAME Token launches on Centralised exchanges: Kucoin, Gate. MULTIGAME Token launches on Decentralised exchanges: Quickswap, Uniswap, Pancakeswap - Trading volume rising everyday
  • Partnerships are made! DaoMaker, Polygon, Blockchain Gaming Alliance, Token Mania, Okex Blockdream ventures, Kucoin labs, Paid Ignition, Altcoin Buzz, Arkane Market, Chainport, ASH WSB, Mochi Market, Muon Network, Owl ventures and many more to boost and show MULTIGAME products to the crypto world!
  • 500 000 of NFTs sold within few weeks of MULTIGAME went to exchange
  • Holders number increasing to 3,000
  • Trade race manager Gameplan big update! All races are free for NFT holders with unlimited rewards, NFT cars are rebuild to make from 3000% to 5000% potential APY, Utilities for NFTs are added to raise their value, NFT burns commit to increase NFT rarity and value overtime, Special rewards for holders and racers are being distributed
  • Exchanges are being added! MULTIGAME Token is being added to various Top tier exchanges to gain versatility
  • MULTIGAME NFT Marketplace V1! NFT marketplace being build - NFT drops for holders, special NFT prices for holders
  • Big Token economics update! BuyBack program is introduced! To raise MULTIGAME Value with each NFT sell 50% of revenue goes to buyback MULTIGAME and MULTIGAME Army can choose what to do with the buyback - Raise MULTIGAME token value on exchanges, Rewards for holders, NFT drops, Bigger staking - You choose what to do with the revenue community. Buybacks happening every month!
  • Staking mechanics massive upgrade! Staking with MULTIGAME getting much more profitable. MULTIGAME holders can stake their tokens in MULTIGAME Wallet and choose what to do with revenue from staking - NFT Drops right to the wallet, CyberCash (CyberTrade token), More MULTIGAME token , MULTIGAME Marketplace credits
  • Huge competitions for MULTIGAME Holders to win MULTIGAME and various material prizes! MULTIGAME Social campaigns are going ti give back big part of game revenue back to the community via competitions
  • CyberTrade Launch! Number 1 NFT game build in Unity with 3D graphics and revolutionary gameplay and staking program. CyberCash native Cybertrade token will be distributed via drops and staking program to all MULTIGAME Holders!
  • MULTIGAME Wallet revolutionary staking program! All MULTIGAME staking rewards in one place. Stake MULTIGAME in MULTIGAME wallet and choose your rewards! Your choices are unlimited. Get what you want when you want it.
  • XOIO v1 Social trading platform cooperation! Close cooperation with XOIO social trading platform for MULTIGAME Holding program benefits and rewards. MULTIGAME stakers receive XOIO credit for Trading strategies, analyses, trading signals and copy-trading from the leaders of the crypto industry!
  • Massive token economy events! BigBuybacks and Burns to reduce supply

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